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AI for Fun: 2020 Formosa Grand Challenge – Talk to AI FUN CUP


Voice application is one of the key technologies in the research and development of Artificial Intelligence (AI). It is beneficial for Taiwanese youths to gain a deeper insight into AI applications and holistically learn about core AI technologies to better understand future development trends. To provide them with the opportunity, Science and Technology Policy Research and Information Center (STPI) hosted the FUN CUP event as part of the agenda of 2020 Formosa Grand Challenge – Talk to AI under the supervision of the Ministry of Science and Technology (MOST). The event’s award ceremony, also as a technological exchange event, was held on December 7 at Ming-Da Hall in National Taiwan University. The winner of this year’s FUN CUP competition went to the team known as NKUST_EE304 from National Kaohsiung University of Science and Technology, who secured the first prize with a correct rate of 0.69.

Formosa Grand Challenge has created a buzz in schools since it was launched. Similarly, FUN CUP, which targets AI beginning learners, also receives excellent attention.  The event has welcomed more than 52 participating teams. At the same time, the event organizer also held two hands-on courses to help the participants to learn about AI voice analysis more rapidly.

FUN CUP competition was held online on November 30 using the platform known as Kaggle. Participants were required to download the voice recognition questions and arrived at answers via the computation of their AI programs. The answers were then uploaded onto Kaggle to be graded, and the teams had to complete 100 multiple-choice questions in 30 minutes. In this year’s FUN CUP competition, three teams were able to achieve a correct rate greater than the event’s baseline, namely NKUST_EE304, Six Special Municipalities with Only Five Mayors , and DefeatGoogle.

The first prize winner goes to NKUST_EE304 from National Kaohsiung University of Science and Technology


As the champion, NKUST_EE304, said, “We know that our competitors are really strong, but as we have been working on the research of relevant topics, we decided to take part in the hands-on courses with the purpose to learn and to apply our knowledge in the competition. It’s a surprise to come first in the competition.” Other teams also stated that they benefited greatly from the hands-on courses which were held prior to the competition, particularly in terms of acquiring considerable knowledge and learning the technologies. The technologies taught in the courses had helped them to improve their correct rate in the competition. Therefore, they expressed their gratitude to MOST for hosting FUN CUP as it was a learning opportunity for them.

Formosa Grand Challenge will continue to launch more activities to promote AI, hoping to stimulate the interest of students as well as realizing the importance of understanding AI applications. In this way, young students will be able to grasp AI knowledge from multiple aspects. In the future, Formosa Grand Challenge aims to establish a platform for young people to exchange wisdom and conduct in-depth AI research, thereby attracting more youths to embrace AI.

Group photo of VIPs and winners