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Meet Taipei: Rising Stars of Entrepreneurship Showcasing Vibrancy of Taiwan’s Startup Ecosystem



The entrepreneurship-training program supervised by the Science and Technology Policy Research and Information Center (STPI) of the National Applied Research Laboratories (NARLabs) under the Ministry of Science and Technology (MOST) joined hands with Business Next Media in organizing the 2019 Meet Taipei Startup Festival. In this event, the Taiwan Tech Arena (TTA) Pavilion integrated the resources of six innovation and entrepreneurship programs. TTA Pavilion served as a dedicated area for more than 70 Taiwanese startup teams to present their fundraising pitch and display their product prototypes on November 17 at Taipei Expo Dome. Angel investors and incubation centers across Taiwan were invited as honorable guests.

Neurobit Technologies Co. Ltd demonstrates the NeuroSpeed, an early brain diseases diagnostic system


STPI has supported MOST in implementing several innovative projects across different departments, including MOST Germination Program, Vision Program, Taiwan Startup Institute (TSI), and Health Tech Training Program, all of which supervised by the Department of Academia-Industry Collaboration and Science Park Affairs; BioMed Talent Training Program supervised by the Department of Life Sciences; and From IP to IPO Program (FITI) supervised by the Department of Foresight and Innovation Policies.

The 2019 Meet Taipei Startup Festival has brought together more than 70 outstanding Taiwanese startup teams of the six programs to showcase their fruitful outcomes to the world. Several teams displayed their innovative products and shared their entrepreneurship experience during the event, including 13 teams under the Taiwan Innovation &Technology Arena (TITAN) program, which had been previously sent to the Silicon Valley and Singapore for training. Among the participants were 18 teams from the second batch of this year’s FITI program and 12 teams from previous years’ FITI Program. Other teams presented their fundraising pitches, including 12 teams under the MOST Germination Program, 11 teams from the TSI, two BioMed Talent Training teams, and two teams under the Stanford-Taiwan Biomedical Fellowship Program (STB) or SPARK Taiwan. This grand-scale startup festival has allowed startup teams to interact with international venture capitals and angel investors from multiple facets, thereby facilitating the wisdom exchange and development of the Taiwanese startup ecosystem.

All 70 startup teams who were participants of this event have developed their innovative technology, demonstrating enormous market potential. For instance, Tsing Hua Smart Agriculture under the Smart City category is able to employ the atmospheric-pressure plasma technology to produce natural and environment-friendly fertilizer from air and water. The team has even combined this technology with a vertical aeroponics farming method to develop Smart Plasma Aeroponics Agriculture 3A System, which does not merely increase crop yield and land utilization, but also reduce agricultural losses due to disease attack and save human resources.

IPPLUS demonstrates its products on stage


FunLeadChange Co., Ltd. under the Life Style category aims to encourage the public to be more engaged in environmental protection. Therefore, the team has integrated online and offline services by leveraging IOT technology to build a comprehensive system with the circular economic model. This leads to the birth of ECOCO, a business model combining the system and smart recycling machines developed by the team. ECOCO’s goal is to provide satisfying recycling experiences for the public, thereby boosting their continuous support for circular economy.

AI Explore under the Deep Tech category has developed a platform featuring an ultra-high speed deep learning AI recognition system to meet the demand of telemedicine and smart factory in analyzing massive amounts of data and images. The platform enables tremendous amounts of images be interpreted at high speed, and precise model be automatically constructed to analyze data in small amount, with a minimum of 30 pieces of data. Other functions of the platform include real-time interactive display and online rapid data analysis.

Singular Wings Medical Co., Ltd. introduces its cardiovascular wellness solution-Singularwings_Medical


STPI has been organizing Taiwan BIG DEMO for several years, with STB/SPARK Programs, FITI, and MOST Germination Program as themes of each year’s exhibition. In total, this grand business matchmaking event has been honored by more than 3,634 participants, including more than 746 Taiwanese venture capitals, angel investors, and organizations relevant to innovation and entrepreneurship. As the number of innovation and entrepreneurship programs led by STPI continues to increase, STPI hopes to create more opportunities for the academic and research teams under the programs to interact with angel investors, accelerators, and experienced entrepreneurs. Against such backdrop, STPI joined hands with Business Next Media for the first time to organize Meet Taipei Startup Festival this year. Furthermore, TTA Pavilion was set up for the academic and research teams under the six innovation and entrepreneurship programs to showcase their achievements.

FITI celebrates its seventh anniversary this year. Throughout the years, FITI acts as a platform for the youths to realize their entrepreneurship dreams, as well as allowing enterprises and angel investors to discover their potential. FITI has thus far cultivated 520 young startup teams, assisted in the establishment of 163 companies, nurtured 2,726 young entrepreneurs, and mobilized more than NT$2.52 billion of entrepreneurship funds contributed by the private sector.

MOST Germination Program has entered its ninth year of implementation since 2011. The program focuses on identifying original cutting edge technologies from colleges and universities and assist those with commercial value in their market applications. So far, the program has provided guidance to 197 germination cases with approved subsidies, assisted in the establishment of 62 startup companies, and attracted NT$1.6 billion of private investment.

TSI is devoted to discovering Deep Tech teams in research and academic settings. TSI assists the teams to commercialize their technologies, helping them to grow into startup companies with market value. In more than two years of implementation, the program has guided 76 startup teams of the 5+2 Innovative Industries and has contributed to the success of more than ten Deep Tech startup companies in raising funds. The estimated total value of these ten teams is NT$3.7 billion. Furthermore, with the amendment of the Basic Law on Science and Technology, more and more professors become entrepreneurs. This could attract the investments of home-and-abroad angel investors and venture capitals as well as large Taiwanese firms. This trend is believed to bring in more social benefits in the future.

The 2019 Meet Taipei Startup Festival has brought together startup networks and resources to establish the largest startup interaction platform in Taiwan. The goal is to provide opportunities for startup teams to gain more resources and secure their international ties. At the same time, this festival aims to boost multi-faceted interaction among Taiwanese venture capitals, startup accelerators, overseas angel investors, and the startup teams. It also allows the public to learn more about the outstanding Taiwanese startup teams and their products. By encouraging interaction, the festival is envisioned to drive the development of technological innovation and entrepreneurship as well as stimulating investment in Taiwan.