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STPI Visited Germany to Learn How “Excellence Initiative” Promotes Research


Contracted by the Ministry of Education to implement the “Higher Education Sprout Project”, STPI is responsible for the performance evaluation of universities and research institutions that receive subsidies from government.  In addition, STPI is responsible for the evaluation of overall policy effectiveness.  In order to understand the promotion and planning process of similar policies in developed countries and the methodology design of setting up the mechanism, STPI researchers from “Higher Education Sprout Project” office visited Germany to gain in-depth understanding of the effects of “Excellence Initiative” that has been facilitated by German government for the past 10 years.  During their visit a large number of reference information and objective suggestions were obtained, which are of great reference value for the analysis and evaluation of Taiwanese subsidy policy.

(From left) Professor Chen Dung-Sheng, Gero Federkeil, Dr. Deborah Werner, Dr. Sonja Berghoff, Ms. Chen Ming-Li and Ms. Lin Yu-Zhen in Centre of Higher Education (CHE), Gütersloh

The delegation consisted of Professor Chen Dung-Sheng from the Department of Sociologic of National Taiwan University who is also a joint appointment research fellow in STPI, and two research fellows (Ms. Chen MingLi and Ms. Lin YuZhen) from the Policy Research Division.  The visited institutions include the Centre of Higher Education (CHE), Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (DFG), the Science and Technology Section of the Ministry of Science and Technology, The German Centre for Higher Education Research and Science Studies (DZHW), and the Free University Berlin and the TOPOI Research Centre.

(From left) Ms. Chen Ming-Li, Professor Chen Dung-Sheng, Dr. Eckard Kämper, Ms. Lin Yu-Zhen and Mr. Gerrit Schlepper in DFG, Bonn

(From left) Prof. Tai Yian (Wissenschaftsabteilung, Taipeh Vertretung in der Bundesrepublik Deutschland, Professor Chen Dung-Sheng, Ms. Lin Yu-Zhen and Ms. Chen Ming-Li in Bonn

DZHW used to undertake DFG's commissioned research project and assisted DFG in conducting the mechanism evaluation and examination of the German Excellence Initiative, STPI researchers and DZHW staff exchanged opinions on such issues as the evaluation of subsidy program and how DZHW used the mixed-method design to evaluate project proposals.  When the delegation visited Free University of Berlin, the STPI researchers learned the impact of the Excellence Initiative on the German higher education environment from the perspective of university administration.  When visited TOPOI, the researchers learned how the unit encouraged each other during cooperation and design of internal mechanisms when integrating cross-universities and cross-disciplinary research teams.

(From left) Professor Dr. Stefan Hornbostel, Dr. Sybille Hinze, Ms. Chen Ming-Li, Professor Chen Dung-Sheng, Ms. Lin Yu-Zhen and Dr. Torger Möller in DZHW, Berlin
 (From left) Professor Chen Dung-Sheng, Dr. Stefan Rummel, Ms. Chen Ming-Li and Ms. Lin Yu-Zhen in Free University, Berlin
                                  Free University Berlin and TOPOI

(From left) Professor Chen Dung-Sheng, Professor Dr. Michael Meyer, Dr. Hauke Ziemssen, Ms. Lin Yu-Zhen and Ms. Chen Ming-Li in TOPOI, Berlin