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Towards a Safer Digital World: FGC 2 Announcing the Results of the S-FUND Finals

Sponsored by Ministry of Science and Technology (MOST) and jointly implemented by two laboratories of the National Applied Research Laboratories (NARLabs), the Science & Technology Policy Research and Information Center (STPI) and the National Center for High-performance Computing (NCHC), the final competition of the “Formosa Grand Challenge 2: S-FUND Finals” was held on June 9 at the Huashan 1914 Creative Park.  The final competition was won by the “ThreatSonar” technology of Doppler Digital Security Inc., and the company received a TWD 5 million award by unanimous consensus from the review board.  MOST emphasized that the three teams that have advanced to the finals are all very good, and their research and development results also have achieved preliminary market results.  MOST also looks forward to their more completed business models in addition to advancing their technologies further and having a place in the field of international information security protection.
  Group photo of teams with judges committee and executives from MOST

Deputy Minister Yu-Chin Hsu of MOST indicated at the opening of the event that Taiwan is moving towards the Artificial Intelligence (AI) and 5G IOT era.  Potential IT security threats are challenges but also opportunities.  The hacker’s malicious attacks on the Ukraine power grid in 2015 led to several hours of power outage.  It is expected given digital wars to be conducted, the frequency and scale of attacks on national critical infrastructures will gradually rise.  Through the “AI Security Attack” event, MOST intends to inspire all sectors of the Taiwanese communications industry to strengthen the capabilities of IT security of various key infrastructures; also expand and encourage relevant new innovations to drive the development of the industry and integrate with the international security technologies and the global market network.

   Deputy Minister Yu-Chin Hsu of MOST giving opening remarks

The “Formosa Grand Challenge 2: S-FUND” competition was open to companies proposing IT security challenges and issues, to freely make proposals given the principles of "Assisting in the resolution of potential threats", "Improving IoT security", "Artificial intelligence security offensive and defensive technology development", and "Other related security technology applications".  The key points of review emphasize technology innovation and potential investment values: the participating teams must prove their IT security capabilities under the theme of the proposal to receive the approval and recommendation of the review board.  The three teams that passed the primary, semi-finals, and finally entered the finals are all domestic potential IT security startups:  ArcRan Inc. focuses on IoT, industrial product safety, and testing tools, Onward Security specializes in the research and development of automated networking equipment testing tools and platform systems, and Doppler Digital Security Inc.’s strengths are in global security intelligence analysis and R&D.

Final teams pictured with Director General Hsiu-Ya Yang (second from right)
from Department of Foresight and Innovation Policies of MOST

In addition to the S-FUND finals, the National Center for High-performance Computing and the Science & Technology Policy Research and Information Center also prepared two large scale IT security interactive demonstrations: the “IT Security Attack Hacker Mission” turned all on-site guests into hackers, using mobile devices to launch information attacks, and against the system protection staff of the National Center for High-performance Computing; also, for the “Unmanned System IT security”,  UAVs and unmanned vehicles are used to simulate the dangers of being hijacked and destroyed during the information warfare, when the flight and traffic road usage safety are attacked; this is to urge everyone to pay attention to the information security of smart products in their lives. Trend Micro and the 3 teams that entered the final were also on site with exhibition booths.  Also, there are all types information security displays and interactive experiential activities in order for the public to experience the importance of information security in everyday life from the games.

   Top prize winner Doppler Digital Security Inc. pictured with
   Deputy Minister Yu-Chin Hsu (far left)