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How to Make Safe Homemade Jam? STPI Research Team Makes Proper Demonstration


Food safety has always been one of the most concerned issues for the public in Taiwan. In order to eat safely, more and more people choose to make processed food such as jams and biscuits in their own kitchens.  However, are these homemade food really safe?  STPI’s Food Safety Research Team that is contracted by the Ministry of Science and Technology (MOST) to execute the "Taiwan Food Safety Development Project" recently held a "Small-Scale Food Producers Education Workshop" to share food safety knowledges.  The workshop had a full-house participation and the participants were enthusiastic and actively engaged during the event.

    STPI got a full house at "Small-Scale Food Producers Education Workshop"

In Taiwan, about 490,000 people are engaged in food manufacturing process at present.  This number is much greater if we count those who produce food in their own kitchens.  However, most textbooks about food safety only focus on managing factory’s production processes.  There are no guidelines for small-scale food producers. At the "Small-Scale Food Producers Education Workshop", STPI’s Food Safety Research Team invited food technician Ms. Hsieh Fu-Ru to share knowledges such as how to properly wear when making food, how to properly clean the equipments in the kitchen, and how to correctly read food labels with participating small-scale food producers.  STPI hopes that these small-scale food producers can learn how meet “Good Hygienic Practices (GHP)” standard when making their homemade food products through this workshop.

Food technician Ms. Hsieh Fu-Ru (far left) shares how to properly wear when making food in the kitchen