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STPI Foresight Team Understands Technology Trends at Gartner’s Symposium/IT expo


STPI Foresight team’s mission is to conduct long-term and systematic observation on technology trends, and integrating foresight research methods with technology innovation assessment tools to establish a mid/long-term demand-oriented technology development strategy.  In order to study more about global trend in ICT and its developing direction in other countries, the team had once again sent out researchers to participate in Gartner’s Symposium/IT expo held in Orlando, USA.  They heard speeches from top international experts and analysts, including IBM's president, and gained new insights in cutting edge ICT trends.

                          Three key ICT technologies in health care industry. 
                                                      Source: Gartner.

During the five-day session, Gartner arranged telecom technology development forecast, communication market outlook, and digital transformation opportunity speeches and sharing sessions. They also displayed the latest cloud storage, quantum computer, virtual reality, and 5G products.  STPI researchers discussed and exchanged ideas with various experts and technical analysts.  They learned where international development and innovation trends are heading, and will bring back new ideas and apply them in policy research.  These ideas can be used as a reference for policy development and planning in Taiwan's future communication development.

      David Clearley, the vice president of Gartner, sharing insights of ICT future.

In recent years, as the health care industry has set off a wave of digitalization from pharmaceuticals, clinical care, electronic medical records to remote medical care, governments and medical care systems are concerned about how industry can be smoothly transformed to improve medical quality and reduce health care expenditures for the aging society.  Therefore, Gartner’s seminar discussed how communication technology affects future health care system.  Gartner’s analysis and survey found that current digital services cannot fulfill consumer’s expectations and needs, and the satisfaction of health care has fallen sharply in recent years.  In addition, researchers also predict that serious conflicts will occur in medication within the next three years due to the lack of medical resources and uneven distribution.


Gartner believes that intelligence, digital, and mesh are the three key communication technologies in the future.  Intelligence includes AI foundation, Intelligent Apps and Analytics, and Intelligent Things.  Digitalization includes Digital Twins, Cloud to the Edge and Conversational Platforms.  Mesh includes block chain, event-driven model, and continuous Adaptive Risk and Trust.


David Clearley, the vice president of Gartner, believes that the future will be featured by intelligent devices providing a more comprehensive and accurate service, and should be called as the Intelligent Digital Mesh future. Intelligence means that AI intelligence is fully applied to existing technologies, while digital means the environment where index points are integrated with reality.  Mesh means link, includes linking people, business, equipment, and service all together.  Furthermore, Clearley believes that intelligence, digital, and mesh will continually be critical for next generation’s innovation process.  Therefore, Gartner had published ten strategic technology trends based on intelligence, digital, and mesh topics this year.  They believe that these technological changes will affect and transform future business models till 2023.

In modern society, ICT is not only an important infrastructure, but also the foundation of new ventures or destructive innovation.  From the cloud, Big Data to artificial intelligence, quantum computers, all of them are subversive innovations that change business models and future life.  By participating in this conference, STPI researchers had gained new knowledge in different technology fields, and had become more aware of the development trends in the field of international communications.