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Enrollment Starts for Official Match of Formosa Grand Challenge – Talk to AI


We are inviting you to compete for grand prize of NT$20 million

The warm-up match for Formosa Grand Challenge – Talk to AI, which had attracted nearly 150 college teams across the country to compete, ended on October 28, 2017. Consequently, it is time for the formal match to make its debut. As the first prize is NT$ 20 million, it is expected to attract all the masters from all walks of life to take up the challenge in improving AI for speech recognition.

The “Talk to AI” contest includes online-point and on-the-scene competitions. Unlike internationally acclaimed events in a single specific area, this contest tests you across different fields such as medicine, technology and life, making it even more challenging. The competition schedule is divided into three phases. The preliminary and semi-final phases are scheduled in August and December 2018 and the finals in February 2019. The participating teams will be tested on how their AI robots recognize the Chinese phonetics and semantic meaning in a variety of contexts, including conversations in the markets, department stores, exhibition activities, and so on. The AI robots will be also tested on how capable they understand the different tones and tunes uttered by non-native speakers reading Chinese. They will be scored according to the results and upgraded to the next level to take up more difficult challenge. The first-place winner in the final competition will be awarded NT$ 20 million of prize money.

In line with the launch of the country's largest speech artificial intelligence event, the MOST, in collaboration with Taiwan Public Television Service and National Education Radio, has been establishing, step by step, the largest Chinese-speech database in Taiwan, which will be open in March 2018 for use by the participating teams and will continue to increase its database size during the competition, so that the participating teams are offered more chances for technical development.

Moreover, the MOST has also invited the Steering Committee for the Test of Proficiency - Huayu and the Mandarin Training Center of National Taiwan Normal University to work out the mock test for "Test of Chinese as a Foreign Language" (TOCFL) for use in the training and testing dialogue models. After the competition starts, as the AI robots pass the more and more difficult TOCFL test levels, the general public can learn more intuitively about how much progress AI robotics has made in Chinese proficiency and how much technology has advanced in Taiwan.

The MOST hopes that the "Formosa rand Challenge" can attract the world's top experts from all walks of life to expedite the development of Taiwan's AI technology and set off a wave of domestic artificial intelligence revolution so as to gain a foothold internationally.

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