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3-Day LEAP Camp Encouraged Talented Personnel to Connect with the World


The second batch of applicants of the “Learn, Explore, Aspire, Pioneer (LEAP) Program,” directed by the Ministry of Science and Technology and executed by STPI has now reached the preliminary review stage. From November 9 to November 11, 2017, the STPI hosted the 2017 LEAP Camp, an intensive 3-day self-challenge event organized at the Aspire Resort in Longtan District, Taoyuan, for the second batch of students. On November 10, Chen Liang-gee, Minister of Science and Technology, joined the students for lunch and offered a few pieces of advice. He encouraged the students to take the opportunity to meet other people, engage in in-depth exchanges with firm representatives to demonstrate their talent, and strive for opportunities to intern in and cooperate with multinational corporations.

                LEAP Program collaborates with the US, France and Israel

Minister Chen also indicated that to fully utilize Taiwan’s rare and precious resources and talented technology personnel, Taiwan must maintain connections with the rest of the world. The objectives of the LEAP Program are to connect Taiwan to the world, provide favorable and smooth channels for talented Taiwanese students to pursue international education, and enable them to participate in the latest international technology R&D projects.  It’s hoped that through the LEAP Program the students will be exposed to international experiences and meet more people in their respective fields.  LEAP is a Program designed to establish a benchmark for transnational collaborations, for the talented students to conceive their future, to prepare them to become leaders and enable them to apply innovations to improve Taiwan.

 Minister Chen Liang-gee encourages students to demonstrate their talents through LEAP Program

A total of 35 postdoctoral scholars were selected in the first batch of the LEAP Program and have already left for the United States (since September 2017) for a 1-year innovative technology-based training program at partnering start-ups and international firms such as NVIDIA, IBM, and Applied Materials. The STPI will also initiate the “LEAP Mentor Program,” the goals of which are to offer complete group-based counseling by mentors from the industries, provide guidance and consultation to students under the auspices of senior entrepreneurs, facilitate students’ intensive exchanges and interactions with local start-up communities in California, and maximize the cluster effect of foreign innovative groups.

                                Group discussions in LEAP Camp
               Minister Chen Liang-gee exchanges words with LEAP students
          Minster Chen Liang-gee exchanges words with LEAP students