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STPI: Vietnam Government Officials’ First Stop to Glimpse at Taiwan’s S&T Development


Led by Dr. Nguyen Sy Dang, the Deputy Director of the Office of National Programmes on Science and Technology of Vietnam’s Ministry of Science and Technology, a delegation of 8 visited STPI on November 18.  In order for the guests to get a quick picture of Taiwan’s latest development in science and technology, 3 presentations were arranged in the 1-hour meeting hosted by STPI’s Deputy Director General Yuh-Mei Shyu.

Both Deputy Directors of STPI’s Policy Research Division, Dr. Albert Li and Dr. Yi-Ju Chen, also attended the meeting to answer the delegation’s questions about how STPI assisted the Taiwan government in the process of science and technology policy formation.

During the meeting Dr. Nguyen Sy Dang thanked STPI for the hospitality on behalf of Vietnam government.  Another key member of the delegation, Mr. Dinh Huu Phi, the Chief of Department of Science Education and Social Culture in the Office of the Government, also addressed the meeting participants.  He emphasized that one of the main missions of the delegation is to understand STPI’s mission and job descriptions when assisting Taiwan government in making science and technology policy.  The visit at STPI enabled the delegation to study how STPI built up its core capacity in conducting policy research.  Mr. Dinh Huu Phi indicated that he looked forward to the opportunity for collaborating with STPI in the near future.