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“X Fail 2016”: Stand Tall Facing Failure and Never Give Up


In order to encourage innovators to learn from failures and keep exploring new opportunities, STPI together with Taiwan-Silicon Valley Entrepreneurship Association, Taiwan Innovation and Entrepreneurship Center (TIEC-Taiwan) and Department of Economic Development of Taipei City Government co-hosted the 2nd “X Fail Conference” in Taipei on September 10.  In the opening remarks STPI Director General Yuh-Jzer Joung indicated that “From IP to IPO” (executed by STPI) is a program aiming to link the entrepreneurs in Taiwan with those in the Silicon Valley.  It is expected that “From IP to IPO” Program would extend the spirit of entrepreneurships in the Valley and encourage those determined Taiwanese innovators for quick entrance into the market.

Joung further mentioned that for innovators it’s important to learn from every failure and experience of challenge.  The know-hows accumulated during the process of learning would take the guidance and lead Taiwan into the next era of innovative services.

4 innovators are invited to share their failure experiences to more than 400 audiences in “2016 X Fail Conference”.  They are ex-chairman of EasyCard Corporation Chi-Chuan Tai, Backer Founder CEO Tahan Lin, the founder of Tornado Tech Craig Kuo-Jen Chao, and Taiwan Venture Capital Association Secretary-General Clark Su.

Jack Chao, the Founder and Chairman of Zuvio as well as the “X Fail Conference” organizer, mentioned the X Fail Conference is expected to be held annually, hoping to continuously invite more successful Taiwanese innovators from Silicon Valley to share their stories of entrepreneurships with local young innovators.