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US VentureWell President Shares His Leadership in Technology Entrepreneurship


Mr. Phil Weilerstein, one of the keynote speakers for “2014 International Conference of Science and Technology Entrepreneurship Policy and Regulation” (ISTEP) that is organized by STPI, visits STPI the day prior to the Conference to get an in-depth understanding of “From IP to IPO” (FITI) program.  Mr. Weilerstein also shares with STPI staff how he and his colleagues at VentureWell cultivate revolutionary ideas and promising inventions from an emerging generation of young inventors for the past 2 decades.

Mr. Phil Weilerstein is the President of VentureWell that enables powerful approaches to stimulate science and technology invention, innovation and entrepreneurship on university and college campuses and at the same time moves the strongest ideas rapidly forward to commercialization in the US.  In ISTEP held on October 16-17 in Taipei International Convention Center, Mr. Weilerstein’s keynote speech is entitled “Technological Entrepreneurship Practice in North American Universities: Changing the Opportunity Landscape”.  Mr. Weilerstein is an expert in technology entrepreneurship and therefore very interested in FITI program that is conducted by STPI’s Innovation and Entrepreneurship Promotion Division.  The Division Director, Dr. Te-Yi Chan, gives an overview presentation about FITI program during Mr. Weilerstein’s visit.  Mr. Weilerstein also shares his experience in funding, training, coaching and early investment that brings student innovation to the world.

After Dr. Chan’s presentation, Mr. Weilerstein indicates that FITI is a fine-designed program even it is relatively young.  “Mechanisms of the pitching of inventors and granting are quite matured”, according to Mr. Weilerstein.  STPI Director General Yuh-Jzer Joung mentions in the closing remarks that STPI will need to learn from VentureWell experience to further consolidate FITI program in Taiwan.