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Dr. Ryo Hirasawa: Social Justice Is the Top Priority When Doing Sci-Tech Policy Research


Dr. Ryo Hirasawa, the Emeritus Professor of University of Tokyo and the President of Institute for Future Engineering in Japan, visits STPI on April 24.  When sharing his thoughts and experiences in sci-tech policy research with young policy researchers, Dr. Hirasawa emphasizes that “social justice” must be seen as a top priority when conducting any sort of policy research.  “I personally believe that those on mission of social justice can see through the problems hidden in the process of national development and therefore are eager to submit strong and persuasive policy advice to the government when doing sci-tech policy research”. 

Dr. Hirasawa is an old friend of STPI’s Deputy Director General Jen-Tsung Yu.  He is invited by Mr. Yu to give a speech entitled “The Planning and Formation Mechanism of Japan’s Science and Technology Policy: Review and Prospect” in STPI during his business trip in Taiwan.  After he lectures in a 2-day workshop organized by Market Intelligence & Consulting Institute of Institute for Information Industry (III), he spends a half day in visiting Ministry of Science and Technology (MOST) and STPI, a sci-tech policy think tank supports the operation of MOST, hoping to learn how Taiwan’s government establishes the formation mechanism when making sci-tech policies.  

 After STPI’s briefing in mission, tasks and achievements, Dr. Hirasawa is amazed by STPI’s contributions in the formation of sci-tech policy in Taiwan.  Later on during the speech, he answers several questions about how Japan’s Prime Minister Abe and his Cabinet foresees the future of sci-tech development based on the current policies.  Dr. Hirasawa also encourages those who participate in the speech to become “mission oriented” policy researchers in order to produce valuable policy suggestion to the government.