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Rene Silvestre Visits to Exchange Insights of Entrepreneurship Culture and Ecosystem


Mr. Rene Silvestre graduated in Management from High Economic Business School – ESC Rouen, France.  He is also a well-known founder of “L’Etudiant” magazine and two private business incubators, which are“Pepiniere 27” and “Hotel 28”.  Besides, his actions in French incubator ecosystem led to his election as the President of ELAN (French Business Incubator National Network) in 2014.  Being operated for 25 successful years, this public organization gathers 300 business incubators and accommodates 8,000 startups in France every year.  His primary purpose of the visit is to study more about the entrepreneurship ecosystem in Taiwan and compare with France’s status quo accordingly. 


Mr. Rene thinks “From IP to IPO” (FITI Program) is indeed a marvelous program to help youth gather critical resource at early stage of building up an innovative business. In addition, he is also amazed by Taiwan students regarding to the high involvement of starting a new business.  As the student in France is in fact not really interested in terms of “Startup”, French usually focus more on how to make useful handiworks or products with better design and more environmental-friendly such as HERMES, LV, CHANEL, etc.  It is a major recognition of French market which instead of saying “creating” a new business, they are more likely to say the business or branding comes later, that is, “accumulated” by the market.  And for that, Mr. Silvestre decides to dedicate to broadening this concept in France, somehow the business could be created and be arranged beforehand, not just comes later.  During the conversation with Mr. Silvestre, STPI staff can highly perceive his passion and entrepreneurship.  Meanwhile, he is so inspired by the rapid growing of Taiwan’s startup environment.  Lastly, he kindly reminds STPI staff that there are many high-end technologies in Taiwan, and they will display impacts all over the world sooner or later.  However, Taiwanese should notice that only the best technologies with sophisticated design, so called “innovation”, will be able to fit in people’s life!