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Renowned Chinese Scholars in Sci-Tech Policy Research Visit STPI to Seek Cooperation

A delegation led by Dr. Jien-Min Lee, the Vice President of the Chinese Association for Science of Science and S&T Policy (CASSSP), visited STPI on December 18.  Dr. Yuh-Jzer Joung, the Director General of STPI, hosts the meeting joined by the Deputy Director General Jen-Tsung Yu.  In response to Director General Joung’s welcome remarks, Dr. Jien-Min Lee mentioned the delegation has been longing for visiting STPI for many years.  Dr. Lee said STPI is well-known for its mission of supporting the Taiwan government in sci-tech policy making and the achievements are so significant that many members of this delegation request to visit STPI prior to their Taiwan trip.

Dr. Lee further mentions that STPI and CASSSP share many similarities in the missions, research areas and core capacities.  He hopes to establish solid collaborative partnerships with STPI after the visit.  “The arrival of this delegation is only a beginning.  We hope to work with STPI on such subjects as foresight research, exploration of critical subjects for long-term national science and technology development and so on,” said Dr. Lee.

The delegation is consisted of renowned professionals in science and technology management and science and technology policy research in China.  Members include Dr. Jian-Ping Wang, the President of Shanghai Institute of Science and Technology Management (SISTM); Dr. Yao-Wu Yang, the Director of Institute of Science and Technology Policy of SISTM; Professor Guang Lee, the President of Academy of Development of Wuhan University; and Professor Yu-Chen Chang of Chinese Academy of Science and Technology Management in Tongji University.