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STPI Demonstrates Taiwan’s Competitiveness in Technology and Academia


The STPI demonstrates its research outcome in technology and academia competitiveness in a press conference entitled “The Analysis of Taiwan’s Competitiveness in Science and Technology” held on October 13.  The presentations of 2 STPI senior researchers show that the quality of patents filed by Taiwanese applicants is improving, while the number of scientific publications and dissertation citation is also increasing. 

After conducting text mining and analysis on the patent documents worldwide, STPI reveals that “data processing” and “information appliance” are 2 critical technologies in the 4th industry revolution, or so-called Industry 4.0.  The number of patents filed by Taiwanese applicants in these 2 fields ranks number 6 in the world in 2014, and it’s increasing year by year. 

The same encouraging result about Industry 4.0 can be found in academia, too.  The dissertations with good quality and quantity in Taiwan lie in the field of Artificial Intelligence, Electronic Engineering, Operations Research, Management Science and Telecommunication.

When interviewed by the press after the conference, the STPI Director General Dr. Yuh-Jzer Joung indicates that Taiwan should focus more on the quality instead of the quantity of dissertations.  For example, the quality of dissertations published by Taiwanese scholars in the field of agricultural science is way above the global average, while the quantity is relatively small.  The relative citation impact of dissertation published by Taiwanese scholars in the field of agricultural science has reached 40% higher than the global average, which reflects Taiwan’s predominance in agricultural research.